Do you require a custom made game? Are you looking for original productions to publish? Do you need a serious game developed? Or are you willing to gamify your company processes? Then you are at the right place: contact us and we will help you fulfill your needs!

Custom games

Our experienced team can develop a game tailored to your needs:

  • movie adaptation,
  • promotional game,
  • sequel, etc.

We will handle the project for you, from the brainstorming to release and support, reporting to you on a regular basis. We are proficient on mobile, last generation consoles and PC. We work by iteration, which means you will get regular and consistent updates.

Original Production

We are always looking for game publishers or investors that might be interested in our projects of course! We have a few ongoing:

  • Dragon Bros: a super fun 2D run & gun, mid-way through production. It is a console and PC game aimed at children and casual gamer. More info there.
  • A Resistant, a Son: a 3D / VR adventure game set in a chalet in the alps, during the 2nd world war. Features tension, secrets and an incredible final twist! Pitching phase. PC and consoles.
  • Vampires, Guns and Rock’n Roll: a 2D pixel art run & gun, with real time lighting, 80s songs, fangs, neon and shotguns. Mid way through the prototype phase. PC and consoles.

We would love to chat about those or other ideas we have with you. Contact us!

Serious games

There is a good reason why serious games are on the rise: they are powerful tools to teach and simulate work situations. They are mostly used for:

  • Education,
  • Simulate work situations and increase danger awareness,
  • Improve decision making in stressful environment,
  • Promoting a brand or a field.

They are usually much more appealing and engaging than a dry list of security measures or a heavy book of anatomy. We can develop those for PC and mobile, in one go or on a longer period, by releasing regular updates and perfecting its appeal to wider audiences.


An incredible number of processes can be improved through gamification:

  • Education: improve knowledge retention,
  • Sales: increase sales volumes by boosting competition and engagement in your sales forces,
  • Civil engagement: get your citizen to communicate more with your city council by gamifying the reporting process,
  • E-Reputation: go viral and create a positive buzz by turning a tedious procedure on your website to an original, engaging process,
  • etc.

The possibilities are infinite and every company will benefit of this.


If you have something in mind, need CGI / Animation / Virtual Reality apps, feel free to contact us!